Statues Dressed in Clothing

Statues Dressed in Clothing

Creative photo series by Paris based photographer Léo Caillard features old statues dressed in hipster clothing.

Stone and marble statues were photographed and then dressed with the help of Photoshop by talented French digital artist Alexis Persani.

Ancient Greek and Roman statues dressed up in stylish modern clothing.

Hipsters in Stone

Hipsters in Stone

Alexis Persani

Leo Caillard

Statues Dressed in Hipster Clothing

Dressed Statues

Statues Dressed in Hipster Clothes

Statues Dressed Like Hipsters

Statues in Clothes

Statues in Clothing

Statues Dressed in Clothes

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  1. jacklyn

    how did they get the clothes on the statues? if it’s photoshop, then it’s really good.

  2. Albert Woo

    it’s very fun idea.

  3. Jens

    …nice idea. and quite smart way to save on model buyouts. :-)

  4. jacude

    great photograph lightening adaption and photoshop skills!

  5. Gert


  6. Jimbo

    Loved it. Brings ancient times current. The figures look like people we see today. Really wonderful idea.

  7. dewtheone

    They must have had someone wear the clothes and pose in same position as the statue to get the shapes right. If not, then their photoshop skills are even more amazing.

  8. Payaam

    No need to photoshop the clothes on them. You can cut the clothes to half from the sides, so you can put them on the statues (literally!) with only the front half of it facing the camera and take your photos. just saying … ;)

  9. Stuart Halliday

    Originally these statues would have been painted with natural looking colours.

    Pity they didn’t do that too….. :)

  10. G Hughs

    Interesting how natural the statues look with clothing on, normally as statues they look too perfect to be real people, but you could see these on any campus today.

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