Hipster Starter Kit

Hipster Starter Kit

Croatian designer Mihael Miklosic created hipster starter kit for people who want to dress up as hipsters for Halloween.

Hipster Starter Kit contains glasses, Polaroid camera, vintage plaid shirt, mixtape, ironic mustache, and hipster manual.

Hipster Kit

Hipster Glasses

Hipster Glasses

Polaroid Camera

Hipster Camera


Hipster Mixtape

Ironic Mustache Pack

Ironic Mustache

Plaid Shirt

Hipster Shirt

Hipster Manual

Hipster Manual

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  1. reason


  2. Junkandres

    iPhone sold separately.

  3. Smufkin


  4. Gert

    Sad is right. I guess if you want to mock a hipster friend it would be ironically ironic.

  5. Joe

    Hipsters mocking hipsters mocking hipsters…


  6. Douglas

    This looks like what you’d find at Spencer Gifts, not cutting edge art and design.

  7. Dj

    So What’s on the tape, did the artists get their royalties for that?

  8. Erin

    I don’t think this is cutting edge art either but it is pretty funny :) and true to say the least.

  9. Mike

    Shut up and take my parents money!!

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