Movie Outfits

Movie Outfits

Unique photo series by French photographer Candice Milon pays tribute to the famous outfits from classic movies.

Featured clothing was made famous by Marty McFly, Gordon Gekko, Blues Brothers, Forrest Gump, and other unforgettable movie characters.

A Clockwork Orange

Movie Outfit

Forrest Gump

Movie Wardrobe

The Blues Brothers

Candice Milon

Rebel Without a Cause

Movie Costumes

The Wild One

Movie Costume


Clothing from Movies

Wall Street

Movie Fashion

Back to the Future

Movie Clothing

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  1. Kittu

    Aww this is soo nice… the clothes are telling a story…

  2. Adam

    … Why are there only two pairs of pants?

  3. eve

    @adam there are 2. i guess everyone else goes condo

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