Breakfast Food Art

Breakfast Food Art

Ida Skivenes from Oslo, Norway creates beautiful food art when she eats her breakfast every morning.

Talented food artist recreates famous works of art on toasted bread and makes her own original artworks using fruits and vegetables.

Fun and healthy food art for every breakfast!

The Son of Man

Ida Skivenes



Girl with a Pearl Earring

Toast Art

Sydney Opera House

Breakfast Food Art by Ida Skivenes

Cottage Sheep

Play with Food


Breakfast Toast Art

Fruit Peacock

Fruit Art


Toast Art by Ida Skivenes

Fruit Fish

Creative Fruit Art

Breakfast Ice Cream

Ice Cream Breakfast

Rising With the Early Birds

Edible Art

Girls On a Jetty

Toast Artwork

Justin Beaver

Justin Beaver

Giraffe Pancake

Food Art by idafrosk

Pac-Man Pancakes

Breakfast Food Art by idafrosk

Little Mermaid

Food Art Plate

Salvador Dali

Toast Art by idafrosk

Pablo Picasso

Food Art

Frida Kahlo

Creative Toast Art

Christina’s World

Toast Painting


Breakfast Art


Totoro Food Art

Black(berry) Sheep

Amazing Food Art

The Scream

Food Art by Ida Skivenes

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  1. Bibi

    This is soooo amazing!!! love it!! :))

  2. Chewie

    Looks pretty tasty :p I could imagine a small Asian food shop selling these somewhere.

  3. Julia

    Adorable !

  4. Andrine

    it is actually a norwegian lady who made most of these :) they are pretty amazing!

  5. Robin

    Loooove all of your breakfast art. I do an after school class with young children and your ideas are great. I just wish all the ingredients were listed. I’m having a bit of trouble figuring out some of the food. Thanks so much for the inspiration.

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