Shoe Covers

Shoe Covers

Disposable shoe covers will protect your favorite shoes from water and mud that you will encounter at outdoor festivals, concerts, and parties.

Slip the cover over your footwear and tie the laces. One size fits all.

Festival Feet were inspired by the look of Converse sneakers.

Available in red, blue, and yellow.

Festival Feet

Festival Feet Shoe Covers

Feet Covers

Festival Shoe Covers

Feet Cover

Shoe Cover

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  1. Juan

    Yay! more useless waste of plastic!

  2. Blue

    They look so cool! I don’t think I would throw them away but wash and reuse it. I wonder how is the soles…if there is any grip.

  3. PersonalGenius

    I’m so grateful that someone finally invented the plastic bag.

  4. Max

    What’s with the difference in prices? The yellow ones are $9.28 while the blue and red ones are $16.71 and $17.37… I don’t get it, then again I don’t get why this even exists.

  5. Enrico Martinez

    Do they make any for formal wear?

  6. Douglas

    Don’t forget the other plastic bag you need to put these in once they are too soiled to return to your purse or pocket. Or do you just throw away the plastic bags you bought for over ten bucks?

  7. Snufkin

    Who would wear their favorite shoes on a festival anyways…

  8. Me


  9. Ru

    There are these amazing shoes that were invented 150 years ago, you may have heard of them… Wellington Boots? Wellies, rubber boots, gum boots? You’re supposed to wear them on your feet at festivals and you can use them again and again very easily.

  10. Zaher

    Very good idea specialy in lebanon coz all roads are covered with mud and these idea’s is a must…. God bless us

  11. Mark

    I like it! Everyone lighten up!

  12. tyler

    An interesting idea. As many comments here say it may be a waste, but pretty creative nonetheless.

  13. davy B

    as many folks commented saying these are waste or stupid idea; i don’t think their points are in any way relevent. clearly they’ve never been to a real fest (and i dont mean food fest or tastes; those are for gluttons) or to a outdoor concert. hell; even camping. most folks have only one pair of shoes. if not two. these “plastic bags” as the ignorant so plainly call them will help those who don’t want to buy another pair to ruin for $45+ dollars or those who just got caught in the rain. and i dare you to put on regular plastic bags or bread bags and make it through a fest. trust me; showing other your ignorance to prove a point in public will get you nowhere. (and your favorite pair ruined :[ )

  14. Enrico Martinez

    “One size fits all”?
    Got any Ronald McDonald size? :D

  15. Amy

    i like the rainproof shoe cover, but i think it is not very fashion, i like more fashion type.

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