Suit Pajamas

Suit Pajamas

Comfortable and stylish pajamas designed to look like formal business suits.

Suitjamas allow you to look your best when you sleep or walk around the house. You can even wear suitjamas to the office.

Pajama shirt, pants, jacket, and tie created out of high quality materials.

Available in various styles, colors, and designs. Machine Washable.

Made famous by Barney Stinson from “How I Met Your Mother” TV show.


Suit Pajama



Barney Stinson Pajama

Barney Stinson Suit Pajama

Barney Suit Pajama

Barney Suitjama

Pajama Suit

Barney Pajama

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  1. Gert

    Ok so other than it being good for a Halloween costume and Hugh Hefner?

  2. Pearl Lamie

    If any guy wore an outfit like this to bed, i’d be outta there chop chop!

  3. Paulo

    it’s Legen… wait for it… dary

  4. qat

    Where do you buy this?! :)

  5. eddie

    Matchin’ satin sheets?

  6. Rob

    A true leisure suit

  7. Swiper Fox

    With these Suit Pajamas; after you wake up, you just comb your hair, put on shoes, and now ready to go for work.

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