How Babies Are Made

How Babies Are Made

Unique photo series by Canadian photographer Patrice Laroche and his wife Sandra Denis will teach you how to make a baby.

Creative parents dressed up in the same clothing and took photos in the same exact location during the nine month pregnancy.

How Babies Are Made In Canada

How To Make a Baby

How To Make a Baby In Canada

Patrice Laroche

Photographer Patrice Laroche

Sandra Denis

Patrice Laroche and Sandra Denis

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  1. Kei

    different from the way i did lol

  2. MMI


  3. Roy

    So I need to open the girl’s belly button with a knife and then pump air inside until a baby comes out, got it.

  4. kadal

    so…i did it wrong all this time eh? but i think the way i did got more fun and pleasure

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