People Look Like Fish

People Look Like Fish

Clever photo series by New York based photographer Ted Sabarese features different people who look like the fish on their plate.

Unique portraits remind us of “Evolution“. Is it really so difficult to believe that ancestors of humans emerged from the ocean millions of years ago?

Humans Look Like Fish

Ted Sabarese


Evolution by Ted Sabarese

Photographer Ted Sabarese

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  1. Megan

    You are what you eat…

  2. jacklyn

    Great. should make it with different animals or such next time. :)

  3. Pete

    Interesting, but a real stretch.

    And I hope that girl’s eyes were enlarged in photoshop.

  4. Spectator

    Don’t you worry, Pete. It’s one a milliion chance you ever meet her in place other than your nightmares

  5. Maka

    Must check models : Daphne Groeneveld and Hailey Clauson.

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