LEGO Paintings

LEGO Paintings

Italian artist Marco Sodano creates LEGO versions of well known paintings.

Classic paintings of Johannes Vermeer and Leonardo da Vinci recreated using colorful LEGO bricks.

LEGO Lady with an Ermine

Marco Sodano

LEGO Girl with a Pearl Earring


LEGO Mona Lisa

LEGO Painting

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  1. dexter

    as much cooler this might look is just a simple pixelation….

  2. Betty

    Brilliantly done!–I could recognize the painting instantly.

  3. Ben

    Lego doesnt have that many shades.

  4. Mathieu

    Of course I think everyone should realize that these are not made with Legos but just made up with photoshop.

  5. Swiper Fox

    Its nice.
    It could be nicer if they were bigger, so they would be more detailed. :-D

  6. Alex

    Try squinting or crossing your eyes a little when looking at these. Putting them out of focus has the effect of making them look remarkably similar to the originals, you can even make out finer features when doing that thanks to the studs and their shading.

    These are simply fantastic, perfect example of great “pixel art” too.

  7. Douglas

    Squinting does bring out more detail!

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