Two-in-One Chopsticks

Two-in-One Chopsticks

Innovative chopsticks designed by Japanese studio Nendo come in a single unit that separates into two when it is time to eat.

Rassen Chopsticks

Beautiful wooden chopsticks with spiral design made in collaboration with famous chopstick manufacturer Hashikura Matsukan.

2 in 1 Chopsticks

Nendo Chopsticks

Innovative Chopsticks

Two In One Chopsticks

Kamiai Chopsticks

Modern chopsticks with integrated magnets snap together for easy storage and transportation.

Modern Chopsticks

Hashikura Matsukan Chopsticks

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  1. Betty


  2. Douglas

    Very clever.

  3. Gert

    Shut up and take my money!

  4. Mo Far

    I wouldn’t put magnets in my eating utensils.

  5. Joy

    Where can I buy these? They are so beautiful and smart!

  6. pTc

    Another brilliant solution to a problem that never existed.

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