Cloud House

Cloud House

Beautiful house designed by McBride Charles Ryan looks like a cloud from one side and like an ordinary residential house from the other.

Unique interior consists of hardwood floor that extends to the walls and modern red / black kitchen.

Cloud House is located in Fitzroy North suburb of Melbourne, Australia.

Cloud Building

Cloud House by McBride Charles Ryan

Cloud Shaped House

Cloud House in Australia

Cloud Inspired Building

Cloud Shaped Building

Modern House

Modern Interior

McBride Charles Ryan

Flower Carpet

Edwardian House

Cloud Inspired House

Cloud House Concept

Living in a Cloud

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  1. jacklyn

    woah <3

  2. Pavel

    Great idea!

  3. Chow

    This idea in terms of architectural design is very simple, my local swimming pool has a design like this, but it’s a nice idea for a house :D

  4. Matt

    a feast for the eyes

  5. Karen

    Gah, there’s too much design going on here. And what’s the point, yay your house is a cloud and your kitchen looks like a red transformer.

  6. Mark

    How do you hang art work??? LOL

  7. Gert

    I’m with Mark. I think you can make a house architecturally interesting and still be functional for what you love such as art work.

  8. Casey

    Yeah, um…the house IS the artwork. Of course, it’s easy to imagine ways that you can incorporate additional artistic elements with the design as is. It’s simply not a necessity.

    I do like this design for a pool more than a house.

  9. Marilyn

    That is a lot of window to wash!

  10. Ludo

    Antivirus in the cloud. Save data in the cloud. Live in the cloud.

  11. Michael

    woaaah :) I love it! The wooden ceiling is just wonderful. Reminds me of the interior of a ship, but with so much light in it.

  12. Adi

    Wow! Just a big wow for the creativity..

  13. Ryan

    I wonder if this design was at all influenced by Wordsworth? I wandered as lonely as a cloud…

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