Fluffy Cows

Fluffy Cows

Adorable cows with beautiful and stylish fluffy coats live on Lautner Farms.

“Fluffy Cows” are a cross between high quality breeds of “Show Cattle”.

Cute animals with groomed / styled hair look better than most pets.

Show Cattle

Beautiful Cows

Pet Cows

Beautiful Cow

Pet Cow

Cute Cow

Cute Cows

Lautner Farms

Adorable Cows

Adorable Cow

Fluffy Cow

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  1. Agnes

    It’s so Fluffy!!!!!

  2. Barrie Hall

    But how do they taste?

  3. Bill

    These people are like dog breeders for cows. Frightening. The poor animals’ milk is probably carcinogenic.

  4. Pearl Lamie

    ^^For heaven’s sake, don’t be so negative! People come in all colors and degrees of hairiness and the milk varies not one whit!

  5. luka

  6. Gert

    Just wow… by THAT logic racial interbreeding of humans would be deadly to the offspring. How sad your life must be that it’s full of fear.

  7. joanna madclone

    not all cows should be eaten just because they are cows…they are cute and if they are allowed to be happy cows, what is the problem anyway? btw all cows are adorable weird creatures, not meat factories

  8. J-Berto

    All cows were meant to be loved, so don’t hate on these ones. They are adorable and weird (in a good way) and completely lovable.

  9. finn

    U guys are so silly their normal cows they have been brushed and hair sprayed until they look super fluffy.

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