Chicken Beauty Pageants

Chicken Beauty Pageant

Beautiful photos of chickens by Singapore based photographer Ernest Goh.

Animals were photographed at “Chicken Beauty Pageants” in Malaysia.

Chickens are bred purely for ornamental reasons, not for consumption.

Chicken Beauty Contest

The Chicken Book

Ernest Goh

Photos of Chickens

COCKS The Chicken Book

Chicken Book


Photographer Ernest Goh

Beautiful Chickens

Beautiful Chicken

Cocks by Ernest Goh

Photos of Chicken

Chicken Beauty Pageants

Beautiful Photos of Chickens

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  1. Eddic

    Victoria Secret Angels ain’t got nothing on these chicks and cocks!

  2. Swiper Fox

    I would name them “Fried”, “Baked”, “Grilled”, “Tinola”, “Inasal”, “Adobo”, “Hawaiian”, & “Barbecued”.

  3. erwin

    You can do a serie “Cocks of silly walks”

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