Bicycle with Steel Wheels

Bicycle with Steel Wheels

Unique bike with spring steel wheels made by talented designer Ron Arad.

Each wheel was created out of 18 interconnected strips of metal. Two Nuns bicycle will be auctioned off to raise funds for Elton John Aids foundation.

Bicycle with Metal Wheels

Bike with Metal Wheels

Two Nuns Bicycle

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  1. tip

    Pretty in motion. Looks incredibly hard to pedal.

  2. EugiKo

    it looks heavy.. who would ride this one? Especially if you’re not strong enough…

  3. coltrane

    i realize it’s not really meant to be ridden but it has no traction, it would be loud and it would be such a rough ride.

    one up side – almost never have to change the tires, although it would be hella expensive to do so.

  4. Lilia Smiles

    There is also hardly any suspension and you can tell because the guy looks like he was pedaling on rocks!

  5. Rudy

    Just silly

  6. chels

    i think it’s a functional piece of art. it would look nice hanging on a wall, but not very practical. i want to hear what it sounds like while in motion.

  7. kahn

    i think if you enclose it by a single flexible band of steel and put an outer layer of rubber around this extra band it wil ride relatively soft and you’ll never have a flat tire again..

  8. eltello

    With carbon fiber wheels, would be lighter!

  9. MAD

    Yes, carbon fiber coated with tough rubber… I’d love one!

  10. DAD

    No Brake, even if it had. how could it stop!!!

  11. Raymond

    just beautiful

  12. Atavar

    Delightful approach to the problem of suspension in bicycles. Little things like breaks can be sorted with a drum break in the hub or disc breaks on the outside. Mu one worry with the wheel in its current incarnation is cornering, with a flat rim its going to struggle in a high speed turn but then others have already suggested a fix for that with a rounded rubber outer.

  13. Mark

    Why re-invent the wheel?

    It looks uncomfortable, expensive to produce, and if you you really break it, you have to replace the whole wheel instead of just buying a new tyre, or even having a puncture-proof one.
    As well as this, it would be hard to corner, and the grip looks awful.
    I hate to be a killjoy but this really isn’t very well-thought-out idea.

  14. Philly

    This would look amazing as a spoke pattern, using the already existing material atleast if you wanted the bike to be more functional. Not sure why this is given as a feasible alternative to tires but it would slide out all over the place, be dangerous for the rider and feel like a rickety horse and cart. Lovely pattern though

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