Earth Made of Matchsticks

Earth Made of Matchsticks

Beautiful 3D sculpture created by Andy Yoder out of thousands of matches.

Hand painted matchsticks form three-dimensional model of planet Earth.

It took more than two years to complete this wonderful project.

Globe Made of Matchsticks

Earth Made of Matches

Matchstick Globe

Andy Yoder

Hurricane Sandy

Early One Morning by Andy Yoder

Matchstick Globe

Globe Made of Matches

Matchstick Earth

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  1. LOL

    Imagine some friction….

  2. NiDo

    WOw incredible!

  3. Pearl Lamie

    Wanna see the earth go up in flames!!!

  4. Noni

    So easy to turn this Earth into Sun…

  5. Ashe

    Don’t Catch it on fire or the Earth will burn!

  6. Alfred Pennyworth

    Some men just want to watch the world burn

  7. Swiper Fox

    Hey… Did somebody borrowed my magnifying lens?… :D

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