Frying Pans of America

Frying Pans of America

Creative frying pans designed by Alisa Toninato look like American states.

Prepare food and create edible version of the United States of America.

American Frying Pans

State Frying Pans

American Frying Pan

State Frying Pan

State Pans

State Pan

State Pans

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  1. Wrexwas

    This might seem petty, but speaking as an Alaskan, I sure do wish people would remember that Alaska and Hawaii are also part of the United States.

  2. Scruffi

    @Wrexwas Alaska’d be a LOT of cast iron! But Hawaii could be a series of muffin pans :)

  3. Wrexwas

    @Scruffi Ha, so it would! (Not that it’d have to be actual size, of course.) And, little muffin pans for Hawaii sound ADORABLE.

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