Finger Paintings

Finger Paintings

New York based artist Judith Braun creates wonderful paintings using her fingers instead of paintbrushes.

Talented painter draws beautiful landscapes and symmetrical artworks with nothing more than bare hands dipped in charcoal dust.

Finger Art

Fingertip Paintings

Finger Painting

Fingerprint Painting by Judith Braun

Fingertip Painting

Fingerprint Painting

Finger Drawings by Judith Braun

Judith ann Braun

Finger Drawing by Judith Braun

Finger Painter

Fingertip Paintings by Judith Braun

Finger Drawings

Fingerprint Paintings by Judith Braun

Judith Braun

Finger Painting by Judith Braun

Finger Art by Judith Braun

Fingerprint Paintings

Finger Paintings by Judith Braun

Finger Drawing

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  1. woops

    I approve

  2. The Thinking Insomniac

    AMAZING!!! Great work!

  3. charu

    awesome! Nice work!

  4. miggy

    This really an amazing work “finger painting defined”

  5. Alston, HC. W


  6. TwinkleTinytot


  7. Matt

    Why can’t kids finger paint like this!? very cool

  8. kadal

    i think i’ve seen finger painting art but with different artist. but Judith Braun made a really amazing paint.
    awesome !!!

  9. duubi

    at least there’s no doubt who has done these paintings: you can always check them fingerprints :D

  10. Nisa Zul it!

  11. Douglas

    has the same look as the sand painting that we’re popular a while back.

  12. Georgina

    She apeared in work of art, but not win! she’s really great!

  13. Nataly

    magic fingers!

  14. Gert

    Love it.

  15. Enrico Martinez

    I just thought though; if there was a murder scene, the investigators may have a hard time finding the murderer’s fingerprint/s.
    Ha ha ha.

  16. neelam

    amazing piece of work

  17. Judith Braun

    Hiya! Just googled myself and find all these posts! Thank you! Just want to make this point…maybe petty….but they are NOT PAINTINGS…not finger painting. They are drawings, because they are done with charcoal. Nothing wet. Thanks again for looking and enjoying! Judith

  18. SianaRepmad

    artist as a child:

    “look mommy i did a finger paint”

    artist mother:

    “oh how cute lets see wh…………..oh……………..gosh…”

  19. Zz Tang


  20. Enrico Martinez

    @ Judith Braun

    If you say they are Drawings and NOT PAINTINGS because of NOTHING WET; YOU ARE WRONG!

    I believe that is called more as IMPRESSION PAINTING!
    Instead of paint, you use WET charcoal.
    Normally, charcoal is a dry substance either in solid piece or in powdery form but hard to make them stick to walls as seen above.

    You need to add water to the powdered charcoal to make wet mushy charcoal to get the desired consistency or thickness. Then you use the fingers to make this kind of art.

  21. Vishy

    @Enrico Martinez

    Charcoal can stick to your hand and create such an impression on canvas if i am not mistaken. Wet charcoal can get dried up and just blow away in the wind in the form of powder.

  22. aida

    i just realize, her finger must be hurt. being dragged on for such long and wide wall..

  23. Enrico Martinez

    @ Vishy
    Though you suggest that “Wet charcoal can get dried up and be blown by the wind.”

    Well… There is no wind indoors.
    And… “The charcoal that stick to your hand” as you say is already dry (like the dried “wet charcoal”), therefore could also easily been blown by the wind (if any). It is easier to imprint (or paint) with wet charcoal than dry charcoal.

    As you can see in the video, the artist has a rectangular plate of (wet) charcoal. She dips her fingers into the plate, then applies them easily to the wall.

    If the charcoal is DRY (as you say) then the artist would have more difficulty in applying more pressure to her canvass. Also there would be trouble breathing bits or dust of powdered charcoal; whereas none in the WET charcoal.

    ALSO, the caption says “Finger Painting” therefore the artist has used WET CHARCOAL as its medium, and not dry.

  24. jaci

    @Enrico Martinez:

    The artist herself says that her art is not created with ‘wet’ anything.

    Can you produce art like hers? I’m guessing not.

    To me it looks as if she’s holding a charcoal ‘pad’ of sorts and if it is a ‘soft’ enough charcoal it will easily transfer from the tablet to her fingers to the wall, with little to no extraneous dust and no moisture needed.

    Quit being such a troll and let the art speak for itself!

    On a more personal note:
    It’s so wonderful to see the shapes and flowing patterns created by natural hand movements, really organic and the negative spaces are very intriguing. The flow of the landscapes is super-reminiscent of ‘Starry Night’ in the best way too. It’s so interesting how these simplified lines can reflect such compelling emotions!

  25. Namo

    Wonderful Finger paintings!!!!!!!!

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