Airplane Sleep Positions

Airplane Sleep Positions

Series of clever illustrations by Demetri Martin shows various sleep positions.

In which position do you sleep during exhausting flights on an airplane?

Airplane Sleep Position

Demetri Martin

Demetri Martin Airplane Sleep Positions

Sleep in Airplane

How to Sleep in Airplane

Demetri Martin Airplane Sleep Position

Sleep During Flight

Airplane Sleep Positions by Demetri Martin

Sleep Position

Sleep Positions

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  1. Tom

    sexy. I like The centipede one

  2. Saadieq

    Haha, it gets weirder the further down you scroll! Super funny.

  3. Justme

    That was really funny :)

  4. Otth

    Bad airplane etiquette on “The Standard” – the middle seat always get both armrests.

    The vertical fetus position also good (if you are short enough).

  5. Lola

    Uh what’s up with the Pierre? Kinda weird! :)

  6. sophie

    I don’t mind the Pierre, Probably worth while anyways.

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