Climbing Bookshelves

Climbing Bookshelves

Unique home library with bookshelf climbing walls designed by Sallie Trout.

Remote controlled bosun’s chair / climbing harness provides safe access to the hard-to-reach bookshelves.

Designed for people who love to read books and climb rocks / walls.

Sallie Trout

Sallie Trout Climbing

Climbing Bookcase

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  1. Gert

    It’s not actually climbing if you don’t CLIMB the shelves but a cool idea nevertheless.

  2. handoko

    Good idea to utilize space but not safety

  3. Ann

    That’s a brilliant idea. Now, if only I had the stories/space in height to pull something like that off. Looking at the size of my apartment, I better opt for a crawling space / speleo adventure book shelf. ;)

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