Paintbrush Art

Paintbrush Art

Miniature portraits carved into paintbrushes by talented artist Rebecca Szeto.

Old paintbrushes recycled and transformed into creative works of art.

Rebecca Szeto

Rebecca Szeto Paintbrush Sculptures

Rebecca Szeto Paintbrush Carvings

Paintbrush Carvings

Paintbrush Portraits

Paintbrush Portrait

Paintbrush Carving

Art Carved into Paintbrushes

Carved Paintbrush

Rebecca Szeto Paintbrush Art

Rebecca Szeto Paintbrush Carving

Rebecca Szeto Paintbrush Portraits

Paintbrush Sculpture

Paintbrush Sculptures

Rebecca Szeto Carved Paintbrush

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  1. Kathy

    Very original! Love the idea of art implements being used to represent art – conceptually very intriguing.

  2. Gert

    as an OCD painter, all I see is brushes someone failed to take care of properly. lol

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