Innovative Paintbrushes

Innovative Paintbrushes

Creative brushes, rollers, and other painting tools designed by CuldeSac.

The Paint Evolution brushes were commissioned by Valentine company.

Hand Brush

Hand Paintbrush

Triangle and Square Brushes

Creative Paintbrushes

Circle Brush

Circle Paintbrush

Double Sided Brush


Pencil Brush

Pencil Paintbrush

Corner Roller

Pant Roller

Pen Brush

Pen Paintbrush

Whip Brush

Whip Paintbrush

Balloon Brush

Balloon Paintbrush

Spatula Brush

Creative Paintbrush

Hand Guard Brush

Modern Paintbrush

Circle Roller

Circle Paint Roller

Fork Brush

Innovative Paintbrush

Knuckle Brush

Knuckle Paintbrush

The Paint Evolution

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  1. Amanda

    These bring creativity to a whole new level. I absolutely love it.

  2. mea

    wonderful and lovely

  3. Niyari

    The whip would be fun to use

  4. Shirley

    I love all of these, but I’m not so sure about the balloon… ^-^

  5. Ben

    How does the corner roller roll in two directions at once. Doesnt seem possible

  6. shaker azzi

    some of them are helpful! nice ideas

  7. ldn

    Ben I think you just push the 90 degree angled side into the corner and drag up/down the wall – thats how i see it working – i think thats the best one of the lot really – its the only one that would actually be useful rather than just ‘diferent’
    Normal rollers are rubbish for corners – this is a good idea and suprised not popular in B&Q already – id buy one

  8. Dominic

    This one definatley wins the Toxel Innovation award of the week! lol

  9. Mon Sun C

    These are really cool, I want one of each pls.

  10. TwinkleTinytot

    WOW!!! awesome stuff!!

  11. douglas

    Balloon brush? Fail.

  12. Nora Reed

    These are totally amazing :))

  13. Sam

    Why isn’t the protractor brush adjustable like a normal protractor? You can only make one size of circle this way. You might as well just get a normal protractor and put a brush on it.

  14. Dustin

    Once you put paint on the balloon brush, it’s not going to float at all let alone paint the ceiling.

  15. neelam

    are deae brushes available in india.dey r cool.

  16. Junnie

    Impractical, most notably the helium brush. In accordance to some of the designs, certainly stamps and sponges would prove more effective.

  17. henlia

    corner brush, its really useful

  18. Saadieq

    Balloon and Whip?! LOL

  19. Gert

    What Junnie said.

  20. Ru

    I love the forked brush- if it was 5 lines you could paint a musical stave! The circle roller and brush are cool too, but it would be better if the compass on the brush was adjustable. Double ended brush could be good for travelling light, but in a studio it would be hard to store it without damaging one end. You couldn’t rest it in a jar, it would have to be on a rack.

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