Creative Paintbrush Packaging

Creative Paintbrush Packaging

Eye-catching packaging designed by Canadian artist Simon Laliberte helps sell paintbrushes and protects them during shipping.

Paintbrushes are packaged to look like mustaches of different people.

Faces are printed on the cardboard, paintbrushes resemble facial hair.

Each set includes two paintbrushes. As an added bonus, clever packaging can be folded and used as a stand for brushes covered in paint.

Creative Packaging for Paintbrushes

Poilu Paintbrush

Simon Laliberte

Paintbrush Beard

Paintbrush Packaging

Creative Paintbrush

Creative Paintbrushes

Mustache Paintbrushes

Poilu Paintbrushes

Mustache Paintbrush

Paintbrush Mustache

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  1. Swiper Fox

    How about another design? Make it upside-down, and have the bristles will be like the hair on top of the head. :-)

  2. Arie Willard

    Yup, less material, and more compact Can be more cute!

  3. Gert

    I’d buy it and never be able to use the brush because it’s too funny.

  4. Douglas

    These look like the cheapest brushes out there. How does the package protect the brush? Are these photos of the open package? If the bottom folds up to cover the bristles the effect is lost. Not protected as shown.????

  5. Jimbo

    Great concept. Good for marketing, manfacture, and retailer. Plus it happens to be fun.

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