Phone Booth Library

Phone Booth Library

New York based architect John Locke wants to convert mostly unused phone booths into free public libraries.

Innovative bookshelves were designed to be easily installed into existing phone booths without fasteners or alterations.

People from the community will be able to read, borrow, return, share, and exchange books.

Phonebooth Library

New York Phone Booth Library

Phone Booth Library in New York

John Locke Phone Booth Library

Phone Booth Book Library

Phone Booth Public Library

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  1. Mr K

    I like the idea and inspiration behind the design but realistically will be vandalized and the books will be stolen if leaved untended.

  2. John

    Yeah, you’d just be FEEDING the black market for stolen books!

  3. Lars

    Wow, a dying cultural thing gets hooked into one dead cultural thing.

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