Phone Booth Aquariums

Phone Booth Aquariums

Eye-catching aquariums that look like telephone booths were installed in different cities across Japan.

Creative goldfish aquariums were designed by Kingyobu, a team of students from the Kyoto University of Art and Design.

Telephone Booth Aquariums

Telephone Booth Aquarium


Phone Booth Aquariums in Japan

Telephone Booth Aquariums in Japan

Telephone Booth Aquarium in Japan

Kingyobu Telephone Booth Aquarium

Phone Booth Aquarium in Japan

Kingyobu Phone Booth Aquarium

Phone Booth Aquarium

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  1. Ben

    A bitch to make a call

  2. ramessa

    thats so cooool

  3. Enrico Martinez

    Scene 1:
    Clark Kent: “This is a job for Sup…. Damn! I wonder where’s the next telephone booth is.”

    Scene 2: (Gold Fish to another)
    GF1: “Do you know Aquaman’s number?”
    GF2: “No. Let’s just ask the operator to help us.”

  4. Gert

    There’s really something fishy about this but I can’t quite place a finger on it…

  5. Habub

    I wanna take a hammer and…

  6. BikiniBottom

    way too much fish in it.

  7. Douglas

    Sushi bar to open soon.

  8. Max

    I wonder what the connection is between goldfish and telephone(boots) in the Japanese culture. Anyway it looks nice but the fish will die in no time if they have a light like that on every night.

  9. Rastafari

    So they finally found something to do with all those pesky phone booths thanks to the mighty cell phone……..

  10. arsham

    We have some in Iran.Thats cool ;)

  11. Brandon

    I knoiw how this is done.. :P

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