Coca-Cola Powered Phone

Coca-Cola Powered Phone

Chinese designer Daizi Zheng created an eco-friendly phone that can be powered by Coca-Cola sugary drinks.

Coca-Cola phone runs on innovative bio battery that generates electricity from carbohydrates ( sugar ) by utilizing enzymes as the catalyst.

Coca-Cola Phone

Coca-Cola Powered Nokia Phone

Daizi Zheng

Daizi Zheng Coca-Cola Powered Phone

Daizi Zheng Coca-Cola Phone

Chinese Designer Daizi Zheng

Daizi Zheng Phone

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  1. Swiper Fox

    Powered by sugar??? Now… Add Mentos to that!

  2. manuel echegaray

    The Coca-Cola connection! :)

  3. eemke

    great out-of-the-box thinking !!!!

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