Pinned Shoes

Pinned Shoes

Unusual and creative shoes decorated with thousands of pins and needles.

Pins and Needles shoes designed by Polish artist Erwina Ziomkowska.

Pin Shoes

Pins Shoes

Pins and Needles

Pins and Needles Shoes

Erwina Ziomkowska Shoes

Erwina Ziomkowska

Erwina Ziomkowska Pins and Needles Shoes

Erwina Ziomkowska Pinned Shoes

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  1. Adam

    Useful like a piece of sh*t. :(
    I think “art” starts in somewhere else!

  2. Swiper Fox

    That is one inverted-porcupine shoe concept.

  3. ts

    Cruel shoes

  4. Pearl Lambie

    How my feet feel after wearing heels!

  5. Daffy

    What a waste!

  6. Louis

    This is so deep. I don’t even get it

  7. Chari

    An honest commentary on women’s footwear. -_-

  8. Shilov

    OK, so, why??

  9. hannah

    Those are like punishment shoes they look extremely uncomfortable.

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