Ultimate Workstation

Ultimate Workstation

Comfortable, efficient, and immersive workstation designed for people who spend long hours in front of computer monitors.

Designed by MWE Lab, innovative workstation features scorpion inspired frame, adjustable leather chair, integrated audio, touch screen control system, LED lights, and enough room for three 27 inch monitors.

Minimal footprint, advanced tilting capabilities, and ergonomic comfort for maximal overall performance and productivity.

Standard model costs $5,950 and high end model is priced at $49,150.

Computer Workstation for Home or Office

High Tech Workstation

Emperor 1510 LX

Modern Work Environment

High Tech Workstation

Modern Workstation

Ergonomically Optimized

Emperor Workstation

Modern Work Environment

Modern Computer Station

Computer Workstation

Modern High Tech Workstation

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  1. Silas

    While I’m sure this’ll be met with complaints of laziness and whatever… I’ll be the first to admit that I would totally love that.

  2. Joe

    Wall-E anyone?

  3. Amir

    Possibly the future office. I hope it’s as comfortable as it is efficient.

  4. Pearl Lamie

    Another triumph of engineering for the 1%!

  5. Spectator

    You shall never see the sunlight again!

  6. Ahmet

    Looks like a dentist’s chair but I would love to have one.

  7. John Cline

    I’ll take two! No…wait; I think I can only afford one. Hope it’s Apple OS X compatible. You could watch three movies at once…the ultimate in multitasking! Is it upgradable?

  8. Ru

    Leaning back, drawing on my graphics tablet, put down pen and it rolls off? I’d have to get some kind of grippy pad for it (though to be honest I have the same problem on my regular desk as the floor is super uneven.

  9. Pilicks

    It may be high tech but if looking at a side monitor requires you to turn your head then it is not ergonomic.

  10. Marilyn Fraser

    As Ahmet said, it looks like a dentist’s chair!
    I don’t think I’d like to settle in for the day! I do spend a lot of time on the computer, true. But practically speaking, I have to get up and make lunch and/or dinner and go to my courses.

  11. Snufkin

    Does it come with a build-in toilet?

  12. Jules

    For sure I’ll end sleep at my work place!

  13. LOL

    I hope it does massages

  14. Jorge Cajina

    Creo que sera un mercado muy limitado con poder adquisitivo $$,$$$ en lo personal prefiero un amplio escritorio con una buena silla, me hace sentir libre y sobre gastaría mucho menos dinero y obtendría más lujo/comodidad.

  15. Douglas

    Well said Jorge.

  16. Banaan

    I’m missing the wheels on this device to get to the coffee machine during the break

  17. kadal

    i want that

  18. Alacia

    When I first saw this, I immediately thought of Portal’s GLaDOS.

  19. spavaroti

    High tech, love to have it…
    Practical? …..maybe!

  20. Kaley


  21. Pete

    For those of us stuck in front of a computer for 10+ hours at a time anyway, this is awesome.

  22. unknown

    Thats not a work station, thats a game control center!! Now if only they were 500$

  23. Xana

    Why has no one mentioned Code: Lyoko?

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