Tree Stump Table

Tree Stump Table

Wooden table combined with a tree stump celebrates the beauty of nature.

Unique Tree Stump table made by French designer Thomas de Lussac.

Thomas de Lussac Tree Table

French designer Thomas de Lussa

Designer Thomas de Lussac

Thomas de Lussac Tree Stump Table

French Artist Thomas de Lussac

Tree Stump Coffee Table

Thomas de Lussac Table

Thomas de Lussac

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  1. Swiper Fox

    I was stumped by the idea.

  2. Masstor

    wish it wasn’t from an actual old tree

  3. Chari

    @Masstor. Most wooden tables do come from trees. This one at least retains some of the tree’s natural beauty and reminds us of the origin of the table.

    Lovely. Probably heavy, though.

  4. Wayne

    I would love to see a wood table that didn’t come from a tree…

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