Amazing Tree Sculptures

Amazing Tree Sculptures

Beautiful tree carvings made by talented British sculptor Tommy Craggs.

Chainsaw artist transforms fallen trees into spectacular works of art.

Tree Sculpture


Owl Tree Sculpture


Tree Sculpting


Seahorse Tree Sculpture


Yoda Tree Sculpture


Squirrel Tree Sculpture


Octopus Tree Sculpture


Fox Tree Sculpture


Buddha Tree Sculpture


Motorcycle Tree Sculpture


Castle Tree Sculpture


Witch Tree Sculpture

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland Tree Sculpture

Alice in Wonderland Sculpture


Tommy Craggs

Tree Carving

Tommy Craggs Tree Carving


Tommy Craggs Tree Sculpting

King Hollow of The Abbey Road

Tommy Craggs Tree Sculpture

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  1. The Unofficial Art Critic

    I wonder how long these take…?

  2. Swaetha

    love the owl

  3. Gert

    Very nicely done. Nothing new or innovative but still well executed.

  4. Douglas

    imagine the sound of a c h a i n s a w….

    @Gert – yeah.

  5. lalala

    sooo…what do environmentalists and tree huggers say to this? lol

  6. Bill Lange

    These carvings were fantastic.

  7. Kutten Nair

    The artist must have taken a delight in producing so many wonderful sculptures for the world to see! It is indeed cool, and so delightful
    There must be so many unknown Artists in the world we know nothing about!

  8. cha

    @The Unofficial Art Critic
    those prolly take a hundred years to finish~..

  9. william

    those trees are a great great creation of detail in which a certain artist should be proud about and others should be awed to see.

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