Heated Table Bed

Heated Table Bed

Wooden table combined with heated blanket functions as a comfortable bed that will keep you warm during the winter.

Electric heater built into Japanese “Kotatsu” table constantly heats space under the blanket. If you want to stay warm, sleep under the table.

Eat and sleep. Ultimate breakfast in bed. [photos by Belle Maison]

Coffee Table Bed

Table Bed

Japanese Kotatsu

Japanese Table Bed


Kotatsu Table Bed

Blanket Table Bed

Table Bed from Japan

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  1. blub

    These are kotatsu. These have been around in Japan for forever.

  2. Sgh

    this is called “korsi” in iran

  3. Sam

    But how do I get one?

  4. babak

    korsi(Iran), kotatsu(japan), Kieke (germany) & …

    it is much more than a heater. it’s evocative and nostalgic place for us.

  5. mahdi

    In Iran, we say “Korsi” to it. We are using it for several decades or centuries.
    You can search “Korsi” or “کرسی” to find this Iranian national heritage.

  6. Siggynine

    It’s called a fire hazard in the US.

  7. John

    It’s weird. I can’t figure out if I love it, or if I hate it.

  8. Pearl Lambie

    Get the electric one because the charcoal one can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning!

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