Vacuum Sealed Couples

Vacuum Sealed Couples

Disturbing photo series features shrink wrapped and vacuum sealed people.

Couples were vacuum sealed in transparent plastic bags for 10 seconds and quickly photographed by talented Japanese photographer Hal.

Flesh Love Returns

Japanese Sealed Couples

Japanese Photographer Hal

Photographer Hal Vacuum Sealed Couples

Flesh Love

Photographer Hal Flesh Love

Photographer Hal Sealed Couples

Shrink Wrapped Couples

Sealed Couple

Photographer Hal

Sealed Couples

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  1. Rudy

    That’s awesome!
    Art on the edge of Crime. I can’t help but thinking about things going wrong though…

  2. Charlie

    What an amazing show of trust for the artist ..brillant

  3. Critical Eye


  4. Swiper Fox

    What if suddenly there was a strong earthquake and the photographer can not open the Vacuum Sealed Couples in time?
    vacuum Sealed Dead Couple, they will be.

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