X-Ray Photos of Couples

X-Ray Photos of Couples

Creative portraits of sleeping couples captured using an X-Ray machine by Japanese art students Mayuka Hayashi and Saiko Kanda.

Cuddling skeletons are able to convey human emotions, intimacy, and love.

Unique art project won the Mitsubishi Chemical Junior Designer Award.

X-Ray Photos of Sleeping Couples

X-Ray Photos of People

X-Ray Portraits of People

X-Ray Portraits of Couples

Saiko Kanda and Mayuka Hayashi

X-Ray Portraits of Sleeping Couples

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  1. Swiper Fox

    Too much bombardment of x-rays is dangerous to your health (specially if Gamma Radiation: “Hulk Smash!”).

  2. james


  3. Gene

    Weird and gross

  4. Elsa

    This is beautiful

  5. Randy

    Now, I understand the comment..

    I love, every bone in your body..

  6. JSintheStates

    Yes, interesting “photography”, but my old body has received enough radiation in my life! I won’t even eat a Brazil nut anymore! I might do an X-ray for science or medicine, but not for art!

  7. Gert

    Some of these people have a LOT of dental work. lol

  8. Mark

    Interesting. Not sure the X-rays are worth it but it is interesting.

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