A House on Wheels

A House on Wheels

Modern A-frame cabin designed to be wheeled into beautiful locations allows people to experience nature in their own safe and private micro-home.

“Base Cabin” made by Studio Edwards features comfortable bed under the A-frame roof with large triangular window that provides breathtaking views.

Small kitchen area and a bathroom with a shower are integrated into the interior design.

A-Frame Cabin

A-Frame House

Cabin on Wheels

Base Cabin

A-Frame House on Wheels

Cabin Kitchen

House on Wheels

Base Cabin on Wheels

Studio Edwards

Studio Edwards Base Cabin

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  1. Paul D Sigman

    WOW, what a unique idea.
    I have been calling them campers all my life.
    Silly me.

  2. TangoBravo

    Wow, so many things wrong in such a small camper.
    Black exterior; are they going to a funeral in this thing?
    Why all the wasted space inside?
    Huge double door with no bug screen?
    And a shape that would be like dragging a drogue going down the freeway.
    And all the sharp angles as a guarantee that this thing is going to leak like a colander after its first excursion on a bumpy road.

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