Bigfoot High Heel Shoes

Bigfoot High Heel Shoes

Eye-catching shoes designed to look like giant feet of a legendary Sasquatch creature give you the ability to leave behind strange footprints.

“Bigfoot Heels” by I Wanna Bangkok is a fusion of fashion and folklore.

Impeccably constructed with premium leather, these remarkable shoes elevate your style on towering 2-inch heels.

The perfect pair of heels to match your wild side, Bigfoot-inspired shoes.

Breaking news: Sasquatch spotted at a red carpet event, slaying the fashion game in a pair of Bigfoot High Heel Shoes.

Paparazzi were speechless because they couldn’t believe their eyes!

Bigfoot Shoes

Bigfoot Heels

Sasquatch Shoes

Big Foot Shoes

Bigfoot Shoe

Sasquatch High Heel Shoes

Sasquatch Heels

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