Animal Footprint Shoes

Animal Footprint Shoes

Creative shoes that leave animal footprints designed by Maskull Lasserre.

Animal tracks made of rubber were glued onto the bottom of the shoes to allow people to leave hoof and paw prints of different wild animals.

Footprint Shoes

Maskull Lasserre Animal Footprint Shoes

Animal Shoes

Maskull Lasserre Footprint Shoes

Animal Footprint Sneakers


Maskull Lasserre Outliers

Animal Footprints

Animal Track Shoes

Animal Tracks

Barefoot Sneakers

Barefoot Shoes

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  1. Maude

    They should have photos in the sand too!
    I want some!

  2. TwinkleTinytot

    somehow, this kinda freaks me out! :|

  3. rhoel

    I would love a bigfoot one! These are really cool and inventive. Great job.

  4. Immelmann

    Wish this sort of thing was for sale!

  5. Sharyn

    Some of these, like the cloven hoof ones would be really hard to walk in. I’d love one of each though!

  6. Enrico Martinez

    Autopsy by Dr. Mallard at NCIS HQ revealed that a marine died from being kicked in the a__ by an ox, hoove marks/bruises on arms and face.

    Gibbs: “That’s a lot of bull….”

  7. Gert

    cougar paw prints on high heals would be just epic.

  8. Douglas

    Someones “ah-ha” moment should have moved to the “nuh-uh” stage. Slightly clever but pointless.

  9. gunneos

    Pointlessness was the point.

  10. Fran

    Im sure these would be used by movie makers…sure would be more practical to use these shoes than to use the real animals

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