MSCHF 2×4 All Sole Rubber Boots

MSCHF 2x4 All Sole Rubber Boots

Unique boots designed by MSCHF redefine footwear with a sole that extends seamlessly through the entire body of the shoe.

Constructed from full-lined, high-quality gum rubber, MSCHF 2×4 All Sole Boots boast durability that matches their distinctive design.

MSCHF 2×4 all sole rubber boots are built for those who look for adventure and individuality in their fashion choices.

With an elegant leather ankle cuff and intricate diamond eyelet hardware, powerful MSCHF 2×4 boots are made to stomp curbs.

Cool boots from MSCHF hit the streets on March 19th, priced at $400 USD.

MSCHF All Sole Boots


MSCHF 2x4 Boots

MSCHF Sole Boots

Spike Lee Boots

MSCHF 2x4 Spike Lee Boots

MSCHF Sole Rubber Boots

MSCHF Rubber Boots

Sole Boots by MSCHF

MSCHF 2x4 All Sole Boots

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