Lilypad Table by Karim Rashid

Lilypad Table by Karim Rashid

Nature inspired coffee table crafted entirely out of glass brings the serene beauty of lily pads into your living room.

Lilypad Table designed by Karim Rashid features three elegantly curved glass lily pads that appear to float effortlessly over a mirrored base.

The design is seamless and organic, with no visible fasteners, emphasizing its sculptural quality.

Lilypad Table reflects the fluid shapes and soft forms found in nature.

Transparent glass material helps the table easily fit into modern homes.

Lilypad Table

Exquisite coffee table made of glass embodies Karim Rashid’s signature fluid aesthetic, creating a harmonious environment in any home.

Karim Rashid Lilypad Table

Stunning table features seamless, lily pad-like surfaces over a mirrored base.

Karim Rashid Coffee Table

Lilypad Table by Karim Rashid embodies the connection between humans and nature, inspired by the beauty of lily pads floating on water.

Lily Pods Table

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