Creative Hand Paintings

Creative Hand Paintings

Optical illusion artworks painted on hands by talented body paint artists Annie Rally and Annie Miller.

Hand models had to stay in specific position for more than five hours.

Beautiful photographs were captured by Ray Massey for Ecclesiastical’s “You’re in Good Hands” advertising campaign.


Hand Paintings

Hand Olympics

Creative Hand Paintings by Ray Massey

Pencil Pot

Hand Painting by Ray Massey


Hand Painting

Collection Box

Optical Illusion Hand Painting

Banana Hands

Optical Illusion Hand Paintings

Finger Pen

Hand Paintings by Ray Massey


Creative Hand Painting

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  1. Nicole

    Ew. These are cool but make me feel weird.

  2. Max

    I see there’s a lot of work involved, even some skill, but I don’t get why this was done. Hands already have a very strong symbolic value in any society and can pretty much visualize anything without having to paint them over. Less is more.

  3. Charlie

    Max, it’s called creativity. You should try it once.

  4. Gert

    Lol Charlie. Agreed. These are well executed.

  5. Jahangir

    @MAX, it doesn’t mean you should not try anything with hands because they already have symbolic value in society.

    We see hands as just 5 fingers of different size and functions but creative people see the same thing totally different and this art is example of it.

  6. Sharyn

    Awesome creativity, and great hand posing too! The finger pen one really creeped me out until I watched the video.

    It’s a new & interesting way to get across the message.

  7. Douglas

    Finger pen!!

  8. Badar

    me too…doug

  9. Betty

    Wow! I’ve seen a fair amount of hand/body painting but these are unique! Beautifully done.

  10. Max

    @Charlie It’s creative yes, just like everything on this website. I’m putting up for discussion the quality behind this project besides its creative value and the skill involved. For example, it would have been possible to have these hands in the same poses and and have the word of what they’re representing as the title of the photo. When documented well this could be as visually stimulating as it is more and just as playful, if not more. As the project is now it’s to me like the Queen of the UK dressing up as the Queen of the UK to represent the Queen of the UK…but like I said, I’m all for less is more.

    @Jahangir I’m not saying you can’t try anything because of their symbolic value in society. Nobody sees hands as just 5 fingers with different functions, they’re vital part of body language. Why do you think artists like to work with hands so much? For the rest see my response to Charlie

  11. Dax

    @ MAX actually what you would want to see , hands just as they are but only in poses, is actually like the Queen of the UK dressing up as the Queen of the UK to represent the Queen of the UK.

    Why so sad Max?

  12. Mel

    I love it! Very very good!

  13. Casey

    Excellent counters to the fairly weak criticism by Max. The decision to use hands is executed wondefully, utilizing thier form to accentuate the pieces. The idea that some sort of ‘rules’ or preconceived notions should have dissuaded the artist from doing so runs counter to the concept of art. Beautiful display of skill and creativity. “Less is more” is not a universal rule.

  14. shayl

    “rules” and “shoulds” keep people from creating things way too often. These are cool.

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