Mushroom Lamps

Mushroom Lamps

Beautiful LED lamps look like realistic glowing mushrooms from the forest.

Mushroom lamps designed and made by Japanese artist Yukio Takano.

LED Mushroom Lamps

Mushroom Lights

LED Mushroom Lamp

LED Mushroom Lights

Mushroom Light

Yukio Takano Mushroom Lamp

LED Mushroom Light

Yukio Takano Mushroom Lamps

Japanese Artist Yukio Takano

Yukio Takano

Mushroom Lamp

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  1. Gerald Nnasor

    Quite thoughtful

  2. eemke

    I love these !

  3. Rebecca Lane

    Woah! So cool!!! >.<

  4. Ticia

    These look like the mushroom lamps in Animal Crossing on 3ds! I want!

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