Banana Holder

Banana Holder

Useful bicycle accessory made out of high quality leather will hold, transport, and provide easy access to your banana.

Handmade banana holder designed by California based company Biken.

You can hang the banana holder on a bicycle frame or your waist belt.

Banana Holder for Your Bicycle

Banana Holder for Your Bike


Biken Banana Holder

Bicycle Banana Holder

Bike Banana Holder

Personal Banana Holder

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  1. dexter


  2. Michele


  3. cindy

    This product costs $55.00! What is wrong with this country!

  4. James

    It’s good for catching monkeys attention? Monkeys would say yes to this and would happily join the ride?

  5. erteen

    April Fools? :)

  6. hibblet

    April 1st?

  7. Michael Beer

    Could it fit a cucumber?

  8. Gert

    I was hoping for a different sort of banana holder.

  9. j

    April fools duh

  10. Mark

    I don’t even want yo think how most guys would use this!

  11. Noni

    I prefer a peanut holder, just for one. Can anyone design a $55 leather for my peanut?
    Terms and conditions:
    Must be high quality leather
    Must be designed in SF
    Must fit on my bike so when I am extremely hungry I can eat a peanut
    Must be ridiculous and get everyone’s attention to how eccentric I feel today.

  12. tim

    As dumb as this thing is and as april foolish it might seem it has been floating around the internet for several months now.

  13. Swiper Fox

    If I get into a long trip; I would require more than one (1) banana.
    A simple backpack will suffice.
    It can hold lots of other items at the same time.

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