Double Sided Ketchup Bottle

Double Sided Ketchup Bottle

Kai-yu Lei has designed an innovative bottle that opens from both sides.

If this concept ever makes it to the production line, we will no longer have to wait long periods of time for ketchup to come out of the bottle.

Double Sided Bottle

Dual-open Bottle

Dual-open Bottle by Kai-yu Lei

Innovative Double Sided Bottle

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  1. malkieve

    Hmm.. pretty nifty. Now all we need is double-sided toothpaste…

  2. mary

    it´s cool, but it is necessary to change from the original bottle into this new one – not practical. Besides, hello enviroment.

  3. vibhu

    Why not just keep the bottle upside down ??

  4. G

    why not have a split bottle with ketchup on top and mustard on the bottom?
    or even a + shaped bottle with 4 different condiments haha

  5. Ben

    Agree with vibhu. Only one end will ever get used.

  6. lenny FtB

    i love innovative design. but this is ridiculous. instead of investing thousands in new machinery, why not just store the bottle upside down. like the market leaders in ketchup already do here in the uk

  7. JM

    Regardless of the idea, the accompanying text should have, at the least, correct grammar.

    ‘Than’ is a conjunction in sentences involving comparison, as in: the new bottle is better than the old one.
    ‘Then’ means at a time or in a certain case, as in: if the grammar is wrong, then don’t publish it.

  8. Roland

    Veeery clever :) I always put the bottle upside down when the volume is very small, but this solution is muuuch better :D

  9. Homer

    Why not forget junk-food and eat healthy? You will not have to solve such a kind of hard questions and will be able to use your neurons for fancy things.

  10. bima surya andara

    a bit wired but still smart!

  11. Julian

    Kai-yu Lei obviously isn’t from USA(neither i am).
    He translated his idea so you can read it, and you complain abount that??

  12. Karin Stewart

    Personally, I like the idea. Brainstorming is how GREAT ideas come about, so whether you like this idea or not. this process is how great design and invoation come about! Let’s hear it for creativity!!!

  13. Critical Eye

    I agree that brainstorming is extremely important, but this is a concept that was further developed, and should be critiqued as such. It’s an interesting idea. But as mentioned by others, the top opening just wouldn’t be used, and bottom-opening bottles already exist.

    Regarding the grammar used in the presentation… If one’s work is to be published for promotion or critique, one should make sure that it is presented in a professional manner. The designer should have had the copy proof read.

  14. Fun Forum

    haha Yankodesign has got a very interesting tag line for this product “Two holes are better than one” :D

  15. Amy

    thats why they make squeeze bottles that stand upside-down. nothing new or innovative here.
    it would be cool if it held two different condiments. cuts down on unnecessary waste and saves room and money

  16. ?

    You guys complained about “then” and “than” but you miss the word “catchup” that kai-yun-whatever guy used? or is it the other spelling for “ketchup”? British one, maybe?

  17. Reilly

    Kinda amazing nobody ever thought of that…

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