PowerSki Motorized Surfboard

PowerSki Motorized Surfboard

PowerSki Jetboard is an innovative motorized surfboard that combines the sports of wakeboarding and surfing.

Each surfboard features a low profile 45 HP engine that propels the rider at an insane speed of up to 40 mph.

Motorized Surfboard

PowerSki Jetboard

PowerSki Surfboard

Modern Surfboard

Jet Surfboard

Surfboard with an Engine

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  1. Pete

    Looks like fun!

    From the video, this has been out 4+ years already?

  2. Den

    (watch the video!!)
    How much how much!!?

  3. timmay

    amazing looks like so much fun, perfect song for the video and i also liked the little lighting effects in the video to.

  4. Kirvi Inci

    WANT ONE!!!!

  5. Bill

    Buy a used surfboard on craigslist for $150 and go surfing like everyone else. It’s way more fun than this heavy, noisy, clunky thing. The thrill is in the challenge of catching and riding the waves. I would be really disappointed if someone showed up with one of these things at the beach. Just one more thing on this blog that takes a simple, healthy activity and turns it into something that promotes laziness.

  6. Kirvi Inci

    Bill: Some of us don’t live near a body of water that gets huge waves like on the coast. Hard to Surf with no waves! Also, this is just a standup version of a jetski but I don’t hear you bitching about those.

  7. michel lefebvre

    where could i purchase in us or canada motorized surfboard

  8. Reilly


  9. Savvy Smartass


  10. James Anzalone

    I agree with @Kirvi

  11. irobious

    Bill, I get it… believe me… I live in long beach, ca… but this thing is for the river and for lakes and stuff like that… but consider tow surfing! The only difference between this thing and tow surfing is that you’re towing yourself! This thing is just a toy, a pretty sick toy, but a toy nonetheless. You need to calm down a bit, I’m sure this thing is really fun… I would like to try one out

  12. Rebecca

    yes this is soo fun and it is for the lakes and river, most lakes in California are fed by the river- its fun to camp at the lake then take off upstream in the river
    two boards the ones we had were a lot longer like a fun board

  13. Tracey Woods

    Where can i get a powerski from please, they look awesome and how much do they cost please

  14. Patrick

    Bill… a surfboard is a toy too, albeit, a cheaper one.

  15. Rees

    Where can I purchase a couple of these? And how soon. Been looking everywhere.

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