Fully Enclosed Electric Motorcycle

Fully Enclosed Electric Motorcycle

Zerotracer is a zero-emission electric motorcycle with a kevlar construction.

Fully enclosed motorcycle goes from 0 to 100 km in 4.5 seconds, has a top speed of 250 km/h, and can travel 450 km on a single charge.

Electric Bike

Electric Motorcycle

Fully Enclosed Motorcycle

Zerotracer Electric Bike


Fully Enclosed Electric Motorbike

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  1. evie

    Friggin’ awesome but the training wheels and blinkers are dorky.
    Front isn’t very cool.


    Evie, it’d be impossible to stop without the training wheel things…

  3. Joe

    Look how far the wheels are apart from each other! I bet the handling isn’t that great. Apart from that, with a good designer, this thing can go far.

  4. DDS

    looks quite low. i hope it can handle speed bumps. i desperately want one since i was already staring into the distance watching this.

  5. zothen

    Probably needs the training wheels so it don’t blow over in a stiff breeze!

  6. Kochtopf

  7. timmay

    the training wheels are pretty much the kickstand so you dont fall over.

  8. Chad

    Seems a little topsy-turvey and I’m not sure the wheels would react as quickly as a human foot for stabilizing the bike.

  9. Reckybuh

    Hmm…. fully enclosed motorcycle with stabilizing wheels on the sides… I liked this better when it was just called “A Car.”

  10. Raads

    haha yep agree with Reckybuh!!! this just totally ruined the concept of motorbike!! it has the word ‘bike’ in it which bizarley means its only supposed to have 2 wheels!

  11. Karin L.

    I’d like to try it out!

  12. Scott

    Tron anyone?

  13. James Anzalone

    @raads yeah well essentially it only uses two wheels, in every picture where the bike is moving, those stabilizing wheels are retracted, its probably just for stopping and starting..

    I mean.. personally I don’t know how I feel about it but.. It is a motorcycle.

  14. Aidan

    I love the idea, as James Anzalone said, duh the wheels don’t stay down, it would handle poorly. I like it, Just make the front better, and I would buy one.

  15. Tino

    AAAAH!!! Do want one! Sooooooooooon… :D

  16. C-Note

    Cool, cannot really tell rider position, or height of vehicle, but I’d definitely give it a shot.

  17. diana

    The only thing i like about this is the zero emissions.

  18. gunneos

    from the vibe i get from the rest of the comments, i would agree and say i’m a little unsure about this. great concept, love the zero emissions, but the wheels are a little weird. you can’t react as fast, you aren’t as flexible, and what happens in a crash? are you better off or not surrounded by metal?

  19. Garrett

    A redesign of the “training wheels” at low speeds would defiantly help sales of these things. The appeal is that it looks very futuristic (aside from low-e, fuel savings, smaller size, etc) but the training wheels make it seem nerdy. They should make the wheels coming down look like wings or something. Really, anything that would make them look less like training wheels.

  20. Jani

    Awesome motorcycle. Very stylish design :)

    But I think it will take some time to ride this kind of motorcycle because this is unusual riding.

  21. scott

    its amazing how many of you find fault with something thats tried and true for many years now . Yea ” training wheels ” that term alone shows your ignorance. Lets see what you have designed and sold lately.

  22. MOlsenff

    Its a good design, but I have to agree with my father who has riden bikes for over 25 yrs now. The angle of the rider, and the lack of knee mobility would cause panic in experienced riders.
    I’m sure its a fun bike to ride, and I’d like to test ride one myself. I just think that the Zerotracer throws people off when they hear motorcyle as its description.

  23. Russell

    There is only a door on the left side. There should be an escape hatch in the ceiling in case the side-wheels fail and it falls on it’s left side. I like the concept and have been waiting for this vehicle to arrive. I will buy one.

  24. Jim Calnan

    With it enclosed the only problem I see is Heat like in Texas when its in the 3 digits!

  25. thomas lewis

    As technology gets a little farther along,a gyro package could be fitted,enabling it to lose the outrigger’s required to hold it up when stopping.The gyro’s would hold it up when stopping. Camera’s could replace the side mirror’s,giving you a look at the blind spots,and making the vehicle even more streamlined.Two doors like the Lit Motors vehicle would be more attractive to buyer’s.

  26. Kris

    How much does it cost

  27. gnarlyHarley

    The retractable “Knee” wheels are not controlled by the operator, but by the speed of the vehicle. It is quicker than the rider putting his foot down. This is the second generation monotracer from Peraves and they have worked out all of the problems.

  28. Bill

    Saw one of these on the road in PA today, at least it looked like one.

  29. David

    Yes… What is the cost. The C-1 is 16K+ and it gyros instead of “training wheels” to keep it up. Very cool idea though. Somone needs to make an all electric, single place vehicle for 5K USD. Just my thought. Now, back to my work…


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