12 Unique and Creative Lamps

12 Unique and Creative Lamps

Unusual lamp designs and creative lamps that will light up your room and impress your friends.

Pipe Lamp

KOZO2 lamp made of iron pipes and unique on/off tap light switch.

Pipe Lamp

Cat Lamps

Amazing lamps designed by Oliver Kuntzel and Florence Deygas.

Cat Lamps

Light Bulb Lamp

Clever and stylish lamp from Japanese designer Hironao Tsuboi.

Light Bulb Lamp

BANG! Lamp

Unique lamp comes with a gun that you can use to turn off the light.


Pyramid Lamp

Pyramid Lamp

Alien Lamp

The organic shape of this luxury lighting is reminiscent of otherworldly creatures.

Alien Lamp

Tea Cup Lamp

Unusual tea cup inspired lamp designed by Jan Bernstein.

Tea Cup Lamp

Chameleon Lamp

Glowing lamp matches the color of whatever surface it is on.

Chameleon Lamp

iMac Lamp

Beautiful and stylish lamp created from recycled Apple iMac G4.

iMac Lamp

Wrecking Ball Lamp

Creative industrial themed lamp cast out of solid bronze.

Wrecking Ball Lamp

Less Lamp

Innovative lamp comes with a sealed light shade that you need to break in order to release the light trapped within.

Giant Lamp

Anglepoise lamp designed by George Carwardine is three times the size of most standard lamps.

Giant Lamp

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  1. Evie

    Great ideas, I love the one you get to crack.It would be unique to each person.

  2. :)


  3. James Ernst

    Big lamp is fun! I like the pipe lamp as well!

  4. tom

    Alien Lamp? More like Sperm Lamp

  5. brad pitt

    tom has it nailed

    the almighty spunk lamp!

  6. Art of Concept

    Cool and some clever designs here! I also wonder why the called that one “Alien lamp”…scratching head…”reminiscent of otherworldly creatures”?

  7. ran

    tea cup lamp and chameleon lamp are rock!!!! i want one

  8. altissima

    My neighbour just had her kitchen remodelled and installed pendant lights with lampshades made from a couple of her royal doulton tea cups and saucers, so now her lights match her tea set!

  9. may

    Bang lamp and life size lamp are awesome….!!!!

  10. Doink

    I like the light bulb lamp and the cat lamp. Very simple and cool!

  11. kevin

    yeah more like sperm lamp rather than alien. Love the huge one!

  12. Ben

    Alien lamp for me !…
    Or maybe tea cup…. oh, no, wait chameleon….
    Well, nice design

  13. pampalas

    Less lamp is stupidest thing i’ve seen in a while…
    1) you need bout 5 min-cracking just to turn it on
    2) there’s no way you can “turn it on” in dark, actually you can but then you need to break it in pitch black ?!
    3) you can crack it only once, after that it just becomes an ugly sh*t

  14. John

    I’d really like the giant lamp, but eh, why pay 10 times the dollars for a 3 times sized lamp?

  15. Juliee

    These are pretty cool and for all the imature people out there saying the alien lamp looks like sperm


  16. Cory

    The lamp you crack is actually pretty sweet, my favorite. lov the cat lamp, too

  17. Nisha John

    These are so much fun. Great compilation!

  18. Gah

    Pipe lamp FTW

  19. Josh

    God I want that wrecking ball lamp soooooo bad! GAAHH! haha Purely amazing.

  20. ea

    teacup! and chameleon. but the woman in the cham. pic, isn’t she really scary?

  21. HSJ

    i really want the tea cup light

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