Shoulder Bags for Nightclubs

Shoulder Bags for Nightclubs

Amalia Mattaƶr has designed a series of bags for people that love to dance.

“Dancing bags” will keep your possessions safe while not restricting your mobility. Evening bag finally becomes an extension of the body.

Shoulder Bag

Shoulder Handbag

Innovative Bag

Dancing Bag

Creative Handbag

Dancing Bags

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  1. Bob

    not hot

  2. Kelsey

    Most (if not all) of these are ugly as sin. I love the idea (I want something like this!), but it should be pretty, too. :(

  3. forumlogic

    what’s wrong with a bum bag?!

  4. spencerc6

    Do they monitor blood pressure too?

  5. warka

    Well the idea is quite good and even if the design could be better it isn’t so ugly, just too much jewellery. I like that their futurist design… But of course they could do something better but, those are only the first.

  6. Danyell

    I think the top one is pretty hot.

  7. miggy

    If sarah jesica parker wore these, everybody will be buying one

  8. Dominic

    Good idea

  9. jumanicus

    the very last one would fit into an assassins creed outfit, if it was another color, but the rest are heinous

  10. VinceVega

    what? no St. Benard inspired collar purse?

  11. anne

    I’m not sure some of those straps would stay on your shoulder while you danced…it seems like they would just flap around and get in the way.

  12. Gert

    Very cool, sexy and very urban. Not being one for ‘girly’ looking purses these are very appealing. I’d buy one if it was in my price range.

  13. jaqi mugo

    What??? Really??? I think they are HOT! And practical for those of us who love to dance and don’t want baggage they can’t monitor! the 1st one’s the best!

  14. Cass

    Wow! Beautiful.

  15. Amanda


    It’s not a bum bag… it’s a fanny pack. Neon green is the best colour. lol

  16. Fillibert

    have you seen what people wear in clubs? this is good compared to some of the stuff. and a purse is essentially the girl’s equivalent of a man’s pocket so having it strapped to the body is a nice idea

  17. xan

    I mean it kinda looks like bondage… so I guess it depends which club you go to lol

  18. Marie

    I find them really sexy !

  19. Amy

    They look a bit kinky.

  20. Fernando

    Eyyy you should notice that this is designed for people who plays medieval online games, it looks like a world of warcraft armor! hahaha #beeingfreak!

  21. Jace Kennedy

    Haha, it’s rouge armour.

  22. Pete


    Well, they *do* look like saddle bags ;)

  23. Rosetta

    @jumanicus I totally agree wth u

  24. lauren

    Looks a bit like bondage…

  25. LilyS

    Some of these are great. I hate having to tuck my id and money into my top or my boot if I wear a skirt.

  26. Joseph

    I see these as a failure. It looks fine on a static model but I see no way to keep it up on the shoulder where it, presumably, belongs. Using a velcro fastner or buckle around the arm won’t stop it from slipping down as the dancer moves. Passing a strap from the shoulder with the bag under the opposite arm and back would serve or using a small clip to fasten it to the sleeve or strap of a blouse or dress. I like it and I think it fills a security need but I think the designer missed a critical step. Are they available for comment?

  27. patriciaa

    this is awesome! what are you guys talking about they are pretty damn hot… this is very avant guard and it goes with the fashion, how can you find this ugly

    it looks good with a sleeveless dress.. of course you must know what to sea with it this comes naturally with good taste

  28. Debbie

    Absolutely love them! They are unique and I love unique. If they stay on the shoulder/arm, I welcome having my hands free.

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