Shopping Cart Bags

Shopping Cart Bags

Reusable bags designed to be instantly unfolded in the shopping cart make grocery packing more convenient, fun, and efficient.

Trolley Bags connected with Velcro can be quickly and easily separated when it is time to place the bags into your car. [order]

Shopping Cart Bag

Trolley Bag

Reusable Shopping Bags

Trolley Bags

Reusable Trolley Bags

Reusable Shopping Bag

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  1. Kathy

    Very nice idea!

  2. jorge

    Good idea !!!

  3. adr

    Not practical. No time saving. No convenience. Once you get to the check out, everything must come out to be rung up by cashier. Then it’s back into the bag. That means two trips into the bag instead of one at check out. However, if you’re just going to boost the stuff, there’s no checkout so it’s just once into the bag and you’re on your way.

  4. Gerald Nnasor

    @adr. I think the idea is to put different items into the bags. i.e beverages and toiletries.
    It is a good idea.

  5. Tb

    Works perfect in Sweden, since we have portable self-scanner to carry with you.

  6. leah

    I love them. But it would be much easier if there was a velcro strap to wrap around them when they are rolled and closed. I”ve gotten rid of all the individual shopping bags in my trunk and replaced with 1 roll of these.

  7. leah

    Well I just hang them on my cart until AFTER check-our then put the groceries in according to items i.e., cans, cold, meat, dairy. It works great for me.

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