Underwater Restaurant in Norway

Underwater Restaurant in Norway

Europe’s very first underwater restaurant will be constructed in Baly, Norway.

Underwater Restaurant with meter-thick concrete walls and giant acrylic windows designed by Snohetta.

Scheduled to be completed in 2019, the restaurant building half-submerged into the sea will also function as a research center for marine life.


Norway Underwater Restaurant

Underwater Restaurant in Europe

Snohetta Underwater Restaurant

European Underwater Restaurant

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  1. Roger Sant

    This is so surreal. Makes me want to take a flight and go there immediately. Even by the photos, I can visualize how it would be – sitting at a seat with your loved one and being surrounded by the sea. That’s what I like about travelling – you come across such beautiful places that you wouldn’t find if you are always in a closed room. Thanks for bringing this to my notice = more research is required before I can actually plan a trip! :D

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