Miniature Weapons

Miniature Weapons

T. Shamir creates fully functional miniature versions of antique weapons.


Made out of solid sterling silver and 22k gold, miniature crossbow shoots handmade aluminum arrows.

Miniature Crossbow

Mini Crossbow


Handmade cannon based on the design and operating principals of the full size mortars that were used from the 17th to mid 19th centuries.

Mini Cannon

Miniature Cannon

For more unusual weapons, check out: World’s Smallest Gun

  1. Derek Po

    Don’t underestimate em by their size xD

  2. Donna

    This would be dangerous if they were available commercially :/

  3. Mapache

    These would make perfect things to play with in a classroom. Is not like dangerous os whatever. They also do not look like toys. Who would buy these weapons except for responsible people?

  4. Someone

    Created for the Keebler elves. …or the Smurfs.

  5. Helli

    Oh god… I can’t help but to visualize a small, tiny, cute “Boom!” inside my head when I see those tiny thingies!

  6. Rahman

    perfect for self defense..!!
    Da enemy gonna thought dat its a toy gun or something..

  7. Brandon

    Sweet! Awesome demonstrations on the videos. My wishlist just got longer.

  8. Lukerville

    i want both of them soooooooooooo bad. i’ll pay at least $200 for the cannon!

  9. Atavistica

    His house must be full of holes.

  10. Alex

    i hope Shamir has still some stuff at home or at his working place without holes in them :))))
    @lukerville, judging by the work of goldsmith and weaponry master, only materials for any of those jewelry works cost way more than 200$.
    and in this stage it will cost couple thousands dollars ;)

    Very nice work Shamir, going to try to make something like that as well

  11. Derek Po


    Actually, they’re still dangerous. The canon is almost like a bb gun (maybe almost as dangerous as a gas powered one) and the crossbow can still do some pain. Plus, bringing them in a classroom would mean some other less brighter kids might come up with some “bright idea” and pull a prank which could result in an injury. Plus I don’t think you’re allowed to bring gunpowder to school :) P.S. Are you nuts?! you might poke an eye out or somethin!

  12. France

    With the right angle, these itty bitty weapons can do major damage. In fact, I’d trade my pepper spray for one of those crossbows anyday!

  13. Jordan

    @ Derek Po

    can you not see that mapache was being sarcastic?

    btw these comments were so predictable. I know someone right away would be crying about safety. It’s DESIGN/ART. appreciate it for what it is?

    for that matter we might as well cry about everything that is designed small because children could choke on them. Clearly these are designs made for adults to admire, not childrens toys…

  14. Hendrik

    They look painful… but fun!

  15. Mapache

    @ Jordan

    Haha. Sorry. Someone had to say it. Yes, is predictable, but being obvious was a part of the joke. You are right, this is a design blog and people should stick to it with their comments.

    Anyway, what I tried to say is that I would appreciate more this kind of items if the dichotomy of the innocuous looks of this guns compared to their real potential meant something OR if this things had a practical use. If you don’t pay attention to this, then you are forgetting both design and art.

    But I wouldn’t devalue this, because is someone’s work after all. It was made out of effort and time. And is pretty too.

    And I thought Derek Po was being sarcastic too. :S

  16. VinceVega

    The Roloff’s got their concealed permits?

  17. Feer

    I LOVED IT *o*

  18. Derek Po

    @Jordan & @Mapache

    I wasn’t crying ._. I only posted that because someone said “bringing it to school”

    I don’t troll and I don’t complain about everything D:
    I understand if you reacted right away when you read it but you should have read the part that says it was a reply to Mapache. Also, sorry Mapache ^^’ My brain is too naive to understand sarcasm.

  19. Jahangir

    LOL, I think these are the only “weapons” in the world you really want to use :D

  20. Larna

    Just when i thought the gun Tommy Lee Jones gave to Will Smith in Men in Black was the smallest. hihi.

  21. Skwerl

    We made these in shop class in the 80’s…when you could ACTUALLY HAVE FUN at school.

  22. Giovani

    I like the music. Who’s is that?

  23. Wass

    The most amazing and fun weapons :)))

  24. Rebekah

    Cockroach wars!

  25. D Nightwalker

    THAT WAS AWESOME !might have to make one my self, crossbows great too,
    D, ,

  26. Ivander

    How could we know that guy isn’t a giant?

  27. Jani Khan

    They are dangerous only if you are close to them :P

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