Virtual Grocery Store

Virtual Grocery Store

People in South Korea can now shop for groceries at Tesco Homeplus virtual stores while they wait for the subway train.

Displays with products were installed in subway stations. Customers scan QR codes with their phone, and the groceries are delivered to their home.

Subway Grocery Store

Virtual Store

Homeplus Subway Virtual Store

Tesco Homeplus Subway Virtual Store

Subway Virtual Store

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  1. Bellhomme66

    Dunk in the trunk…

  2. Jen

    VERY COOL!!!

  3. Misumi

    hmm it wouldnt be useful for people without phones….

  4. Aizu

    I’ll keep shopping and forgot to take the train.

  5. Sharyn

    That’s awesome! I think it would be wonderful for anyone who commutes for work. The only problem would be fighting the crowds at the platform at peak hour.

  6. Poet

    Why don’t you just browse a website?

  7. jomer2000

    Seems they’ve hit it right. Shoppers use what is otherwise idle time to shop, whereas time at work or at home is possibly more valued. I wonder how important the life-size displays are to integration.

  8. Ken

    great Idea! but every time I scan the QR code it bored, have to concentrated my hands. Why don’t you creating some app on the iphone or something. then you can buy what you want anywhere anytime.

    And how about rush hour? :-)

  9. adkarta

    wow,, nice,,

    They could shop for grocery while waiting for train

  10. Kin

    They could shop from inside the train, i dont think people would really be stoping for shop in rush hour

  11. Sebastian

    seems to be very successful in korea. very cool idea.

  12. fakhri

    hope they do it in indonesia

  13. Frederick

    I am Korean and lived there for quiet a while. Almost everyone has a smart phone in Korea – and I know of no one that doesn’t own a cellphone. It’s how you pay your public transit fair (phone tagging) and sometimes restaurant bills, and in more recent years, taxi fairs.

    Doubt anyone that knows how to use a smartphone won’t have it. My 65 year old father has one. The main point of this instead of the web is that web shopping can be tiring because you’re scrolling through pages on a tiny screen if you’re on your phone or already home if at a computer.

    As for the transport department, Korea is a really, really densely packed country. This is only available in Seoul to my knowledge, the most packed city. This means that delivery to a district can result in multiple deliveries in one trip and one stop.

    Sorry for the long comment, but I wanted to clear some things up. :D

  14. Loki

    2 Frederick

    Thanks for a long and detailed comment.
    It’s always best to know how something is from the perspective of someone, who is local.

  15. Manu


  16. Katz

    even it happens in my country.. i would just keep actual shopping.. its feeling better..

  17. Mark

    This is an incredible idea. The gap in current QR code adoption rates between South Korea and the U.S. might make it difficult for us to see something similar, though.


    conclusion: everyone should get free wireless internet AND it should be possible to get a program on your cellphone when it has a camera… not only the VERY expensive phones.

  19. Liz

    That is SO COOL. I wish we had those here x)

  20. Ninja Egg :D

    It is pretty cool. But i like how we have it now soooo much more.

  21. Hmmmm...

    Why can’t they just hurry up and invent emailable food?:P This is a cool idea but i think ill just stick to going into Tesco and buying my stuff! Also, think of the people who work in Tesco… They won’t be needed anymore!? ARRGH!

  22. Joy

    thats COOL!!

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