Anonymous Hugging Wall

Anonymous Hugging Wall

Creative wall designed by Keetra Dean Dixon allows you to give anonymous hugs to strangers.

This unique invention is part of an ongoing METHODS & APPARATI series for Social Facilitation and Mood Elevation.

Anonymous Wall

Hug Wall

Anonymous Hugging

Hugging Wall

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  1. knikkolette

    I LOVE this idea! I think we should have these everywhere – In every mall, next to every Starbucks & McDonalds! Who doesn’t love a hug! :D

  2. Sara A.

    It needs to go both ways… there are only arms for one side.

  3. James Ward

    prophylactic hugging device for germ freeks. Kinda gives off a creepy Willy Wonka factory vibe.

  4. Clare

    I like this idea a lot…but is it just me or is that girl standing in a dog-food bowl? (bottom picture)

    Oh wait, stupid me, that’s a step-up hahaha oh, I’m a special one.

  5. woops

    They should rename it Anonymous Hugging and/or Abuse Wall.

  6. (>^_^)>

    is it just me or in the picture with the woman with her back facing the hugging wall thing look like she’s getting felt up….?

  7. Ninja Egg :D

    Ummm this is weird. Its interesting. Itd be pretty funny to hug random people. :D

  8. oyikk

    very nice idea … I think Indonesian people need this

  9. Danyell

    …Welcome to the grope station! (Some people would not use this sort of thing the sweet way it was intended.)

  10. -_-

    @ Oyik that is soooooooo true, thy dont really do huggs in indonesia -_-
    but this would be cool for a haunted hallway for halloween. when a person is walking down a hallway they would be grabbed by a wall, THEY WOULD FREAK!

  11. Andrew

    this is beyond wierd …if you are going to hug someone the whole point is you know who it is and that it definitely is a person otherwise it defies the point of human contact involved in hugging it may as well be an inanimate object

  12. kikki

    Can anyone say suffocating???

  13. ccc

    Wow Andrew, way to kill the mood here.

  14. Dominic

    Cute idea

  15. K.


  16. Househangover

    Gross. Think of the sweat. Too suffocating

  17. Frederick

    Would be freaky in my opinion. Ya never know if the guy on the otherside is coming at you with a knife or something, or if they’re going to grope you.

    Very cute idea, but way too many loopholes that would ruin it very, very quickly.

  18. Ashley

    This is like a hugging glory hole. I don’t like it. D:

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